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Larry Halley and Cindy Holden are the owners and operators of H & S Truck Repair, Inc.,  headquartered in Panama City, Florida.

This well respected truck repair company in Bay County is known for its expert mechanical services and fair prices.

Larry and Cindy began working in heavy vehicle repair over 40 years ago. They became the owners of H & S Truck Repair, Inc. in  2016. This second generation business is there to help get vehicle on the road and running well. 

Quality work is the benchmark of this truck repair firm. The most up to date equipment operated by skilled and knowledgeable mechanics  is their secret sauce.  









As a family owned and operated business, H & S Truck Repair has been helping individuals, families and companies get to their destination safely since 1975.

We have been committed to being the premier heavy equipment and truck repair service company in the industry.  We use all of our experience and resources in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our experience and commitment to superior service gives you the satisfaction to know that your truck is getting the best service possible.  Whether you are an individual on vacation or you have a company fleet of 100, our responsibility to you remains the same.


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